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Sailors Society

Pains Wessex actively seeks opportunities to develop closer relationships with the communities in which we operate in and supports good causes related to the marine industry.

WesCom Signal & Rescue supports work of the Sailors’ Society, which provides a vital support network for merchant seafarers all around the world

Sailors' Society

Sailors' Society work to transform the lives of the world's 1.5 million seafarers and their families through welfare support, education and relief of poverty and distress.

The charity's multi-denominational chaplains and ship visitors are active in 47 global ports in 23 countries and meet the needs of seafarers in port.  In addition to this, targeted outreach programmes address welfare issues in seafaring source communities.

From counselling and emotional assistance, to educational grants for serving and intending seafarers, to community building projects, Sailors' Society's work is wide-ranging and life-changing.

Providing support for the seafaring workforce is one of the best ways to create a safer and more efficient shipping industry, helping to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue, which can lead to accidents.

Chris Feibush, WesCom's Head of Global Marketing acts as a Sailors' Society Ambassador, promoting the good work that the charity does, and seeking new ways for the two organisations to collaborate to support the seafaring community.

“WesCom Signal & Rescue is a natural partner for Sailors' Society as both organisations work towards a safer environment at sea. Sailors' Society's work around the world is really inspiring, as it takes a holistic approach and addresses all aspects of welfare in the seafaring community.

This partnership leverages the power of WesCom Signal & Rescue as a key voice in the maritime safety industry to achieve greater support for a charity that is making a real difference to the people working at the sharp end of shipping. We are proud to stand up for seafarers' welfare.”