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Aquafax launches UK Flare disposal Scheme


UK distributor Aquafax has launched a Flare Disposal Scheme for expired Pains Wessex products.
It is hoped that the scheme, under which a range out-of-date of Pains Wessex flares are gathered by participating chandleries and then collected and safely disposed of by Aquafax for a small fee, will boost sales and client loyalty as well as preventing spent pyrotechnics from being dumped.
Justine Heeley, UK Managing Director of Drew Marine Signal & Safety, says, “We are delighted to be part of this initiative.  It is of paramount importance that flares are disposed of safely. 
“The Royal Yachting Association advises that if nominated collection points are not convenient, boaters are strongly advised to only buy their flares from a supplier who will take their out of date ones back. 
“With this advice in mind, we hope that chandleries will choose to stock Pains Wessex pyrotechnics, through Aquafax, to enable them to take advantage of this new service.”
The Aquafax scheme includes the following Pains Wessex products:
  • Red Handflare
  • Para Red Rocket
  • Parachute Illuminating Rocket
  • Day and Night Signal
  • White Handflare
  • Orange Handsmoke
  • Lifesmoke
  • Personal Distress Signal Miniflare
  • Compact Distress Signal Miniflare
Flare disposal has become increasingly problematic for leisure boaters since the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) amended the rules for carriage and storage in 2005.  It is now an offence to dump pyrotechnics at non-licensed sites or deploy distress signals on land, in harbour or at sea for either testing purposes, practice or as fireworks.
Justine adds, “It is crucial that out of date and damaged flares are disposed of safely, and at Pains Wessex, we advise all customers to dispose of out of date flares responsibly. UK customers can contact their local Coastguard Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) who will advise them where to take their flares for disposal.”  
Jul 22, 2014