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Flares are true blessing to crew on sinking ship

Coconut rescue

Marine distress signals proved a true blessing to the crew of a sinking ship in Malaysia who had given up hope of rescue until their flares were spotted.

The Indonesian cargo vessel, KLM True Blessing/ KLM Berkat Sejati, which had nine crew, capsized off Pulau Kapas one morning in November.

The ship, with 147 tonnes of coconut on board, was travelling from Indonesia to Thailand, when water entered the engine due to strong winds and 3.5metre waves and caused it to sink.

KLM True Blessing was rescued by the 60metre anchor handling vessel, Grade One Manjung 1, which was travelling from the Horizon Oil Platform in Kelantan to Kendari Supply Base.

Captain Mara Sofyan Dalimunthe sought help from the Putrajaya Maritime Prevention and Rescue Relief Center (MRCC) and Grade One Manjung 1, which was nearby, was alerted.

He says the crew were fortunate that its distress signals were spotted, reports the Sun Daily website.

“We continued to do the necessary repairs, but part of the ship began to sink at 7am and we were lucky when our distress flares were detected by Malaysian vessel Grade One Manjung 1, which then came to rescue us at 8.40am.”

The rescue was captured on this YouTube video. The crew was taken to Kemaman Hospital for medical checks and then on to the Malaysian Coast Guard base, Kemaman Pengkalan Maritim.

Dec 04, 2017