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Jet-skiers spot flare and rescue disabled boat

W Australia load

The crew of a broken-down boat in Australia have been saved by jet-skiers who spotted distress flares.

It is believed that the 4.5metre boat suffered an electrical failure some 10-15kilometres off East Alexander Bay, near Esperance, in Western Australia.

Jonathan Woods and Travis Jones who were camping in the area saw a red flare in the distance, reports The West Australian.

“All of a sudden I saw a little red flare go up in the air and it was only up for 10 to 15 seconds,” he said.

“After that I saw a small plume of orange smoke, so my instincts kicked in — I knew someone was in trouble.

A storm was brewing, so the pair headed off on the jetski in the vicinity of the flare and located the disabled boat.

 “There were four people on board and they were pointing at us and they were really grateful when we got to them.

“They had lost all electrics on the boat, so we hooked up the tow-line and started towing them back to shore.”

The sea was rough, the rain torrential and there was lighting flashes. It took around an hour to reach the shore.

In the meantime, the Esperance Volunteer Marine Rescue received a call about the flares and joined the search. It arrived back as the disabled boat was being loaded onto a trailer.

The image shows the boat being put on the trailer and is from Esperance Volunteer Marine Rescue Facebook page.

Feb 07, 2018