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Orange smoke flare aids rescue in Western Australia

Orange smoke

Three people have been rescued in Western Australia after the skipper of a broken down boat set off an orange smoke flare.

Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue Group saved the trio after their boat broke down without a working radio off the coast near Glenfield Beach one day in early March, according to its Facebook page.

Beachgoers spotted the flare and notified the authorities. Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue Group’s Communications officer, Ian Beard, explains, “Because everybody was at the beach yesterday, lots of people saw the smoke flare and we got drowned in telephone calls.”

The aluminium boat broke down about four nautical miles off the coast in relatively calm waters. The rescue vessel, Nashria, spotted the trio took them to safety and towed the stricken vessel to Drummond Cove. “Thanks to the public for lighting up our phone lines,” the group says.

It is important for people to contact the Volunteer Marine Rescue Group and ensure their radios worked before setting out to sea.

“People need to log on when they’re going out so that we can respond much quicker,” says Mr Beard. “If you log on when you leave, you know your radio works before you even leave the harbour. It’s not a real good time to find out your radio doesn’t work when you’re in a bit of trouble.”

The image is courtesy of Geraldton Volunteer Marine Rescue Group’s Facebook page.

Apr 09, 2018