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Stranded RIB crew fires white parachute flare

skerries_rnli_tow_motor_boat_with_five_on_board_to_safety (1)

The crew of a broken-down RIB fired a white parachute flare to help rescuers pinpoint their location.

One night in July, Dublin Coastguard received a call from the crew of a rigid inflatable motor boat that had suffered electrical failure to the north of Lambay island.

It alerted Skerries RNLI and the Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat was launched with Joe May at the helm and Sheila May, AJ Hughes and Jack Keane on board.

The RIB had suffered electrical failure and was anchored to the north of Lambay island. Conditions were fair, but the light was beginning to fade.

As the lifeboat neared the island, the RIB crew fired a white parachute flare to confirm its location.

The vessel, with four men and one woman on board was towed by the lifeboat and returned to the safety of Rush harbour.

Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer for Skerries RNLI, Gerry Canning says, “Thankfully we were able to locate the casualty quickly and all on board were well and in good spirits. Our volunteers are always ready to respond and we would always advise anyone going to sea to carry more than one means of contacting the shore, and, if needed, to make the call for help early.”

A video of the rescue is at:

The main picture, which shows the motor boat being towed to safety, is courtesy of the RNLI and Gerry Canning.

Jul 27, 2018