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Pilot films vlog of Canada crash rescue

Quebec flare

A pilot, whose plane crashed in Canada, vlogged his rescue, which included using a flare to help the emergency services.

After crashing in a forest near Sept-Iles, Quebec, due to engine problems, pilot Matt Lehtinen videoed his rescue.

Mr Lehtinen, who is president of mining company Tacora Resources, wanted to help others "learn from this experience."

He used the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System to help land the aircraft safely and then contacted the emergency services with his satellite phone and lit a signal fire, his video shows.

A Royal Canadian Air Force rescue team located the plane and a member fired an A354 Signal Distress Day Night manufactured by PW Defence in Derby to help assess wind strength and direction so its helicopter crew could safely winch Mr Lehtinen aboard.

Mr Lehtinen says, “On 27 July 2019 I crashed my plane in the remote wilderness of Quebec. I was rescued five hours later by Canadian Heroes.”

It is believed that the plane crashed after suffering oil pressure and engine problems.

Sep 04, 2019