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Flare used in rescue of man in sinking boat

Florida rescue

US Sheriffs asked a man in a sinking boat to fire a flare, so they could quickly find him.

The man called Lee County Sheriff’s Office, in Florida, one afternoon in February, saying his 19-foot boat was quickly filling with water in Charlotte Harbor, near Cape Coral.

Deputies sent a helicopter and marine unit and told the man to put on a lifejacket and light a flare.

As a result he was quickly found by Aviation Deputies Zazwirsky and Olortegui. Chopper 1 maintained visual contact as the Marine Unit arrived.

Lt. Nyce, Sgt. Galloway and Marine Deputies Woody and Edwards, along with the Pine Island Fire Marine Unit, removed the water from the sinking boat.

The man and the boat were safely taken to shore.

The image is from Lee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

Mar 17, 2020